Aronia melanocarpaBlack Chokeberry (B&B.DRG.H.M,P)


Ecosystem Services:
(B)-Birds                                             (B&B)-Birds & Butterflies

(BTF)-Butterflies                             (BW)-Black Walnut Resistant

(DR)-Deer Resistant                      (DRG)-Drought Resistant

(EVR)-Evergreen                            (G)-Groundcover

(H)-Host plant                                 (HMR)-Hummingbirds

(M)-Mammals                                  (MTH)-Moths

(NB)-Native Bees                            (OP)-Other pollinators

(RR)-Rabbit Resistant

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Black chokeberry is a deciduous shrub from the Rosaceae family that spreads freely and suckers profusely. The top is often rounded and upright; it tends to become leggy with age.  The fruit is edible though very astringent and is produced from 5-6 flowered clusters that bloom in late spring. The leaves turn red in the fall and will drop for winter. It is native to Eastern North America. Can be used as a shrub in borders or in more open wooded gardens. This plant does well in full sun and partial shade and tolerates a wide variety of soil types including wet boggy soils.

Host plant for the Coral Hairstreak and Praeclara Underwing.  Drought Resistant!


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