Why Native Plants​?

Native landscapes are critical for both humans and wildlife.  Plants and animals have evolved together for millions of years.  When non-native plants are introduced into the landscape, the majority of our wildlife cannot use them for food, shelther or reproduction.

These non-native plants have had terrible consequences for many of our native animal and plant species because these introduced plants can be very invasive, and take over the spaces our native plants occupy.

Native landscaping is one way for homeowners to help prevent and repair some of this damage.  Native plants are sustainable, and they can help save money on valuable resources like water, help preserve existing soil, and provide food, shelter, and nesting places for animals.

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Little Story About Us!

Wild Roots Native Nursery-Georgia

The “root” of Wild Roots was incubated when Trecia Neal started Green Gardens Education & Designs in 2017. Over the next six years, Trecia designed native landscapes throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama. Finding native plants hard to source, she started a native nursery on her own property.

In 2022, Stephanie Spencer, a tireless gardener, and STEM educator with an insatiable devotion to native plants and pollinators, joined Trecia in the enterprise they named Wild Roots Native Nursery. The two met in 2009 at Fernbank Science Center’s Master Gardeners course, where they became friends and later traveled to Mexico to experience the breathtaking Monarch migration together.

Stephanie and Trecia prepared for the launch of their nursery by potting more than 2,500 plugs of hard-to-find native plant species. They are particularly proficient in early Spring ephemerals and shady woodland garden perennials. Wild Roots also offers sunny native perennials, native grass species and will soon make native shrub and tree species available. They aim to propagate native plant species that conscientious gardeners need to create a thriving ecosystem right in their own backyards.

The heart of Wild Roots Native Nursery is the determined commitment of its founders to fostering a revival of native gardening. Trecia and Stephanie, with dirt under their fingernails, want to educate their communities (and then some!) about how native plants are best conditioned to thrive, attract pollinators and other wildlife, enhance the environment, and add natural beauty to every landscape.

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