Penstemon calycosus – Calyco Beardtongue (BTF.DR.NB.P.RR)


Ecosystem Services:
(B)-Birds                                             (B&B)-Birds & Butterflies
(BTF)-Butterflies                             (BW)-Black Walnut Resistant
(DR)-Deer Resistant                      (DRG)-Drought Resistant
(EVR)-Evergreen                            (G)-Groundcover
(H)-Host plant                                 (HMR)-Hummingbirds
(M)-Mammals                                  (MTH)-Moths
(NB)-Native Bees                            (OP)-Other pollinators
(RR)-Rabbit Resistant

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Calyco Beardtongue-produces nectar and entices long-tongued pollinators to come visit, including a wide variety of native bees, bumblebees, mason bees, leaf-cutting bees, and honeybees. Grows in part shade. Some less common, but memorable, guests include Sphinx Moths and Hummingbirds.

Deer and Rabbit Resistant!


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