Anemone virginiana – Tall Windflower (BTF.DR.G.RR)


Ecosystem Services:
(B)-Birds                                             (B&B)-Birds & Butterflies

(BTF)-Butterflies                             (BW)-Black Walnut Resistant

(DR)-Deer Resistant                      (DRG)-Drought Resistant

(EVR)-Evergreen                            (G)-Groundcover

(H)-Host plant                                 (HMR)-Hummingbirds

(M)-Mammals                                  (MTH)-Moths

(NB)-Native Bees                            (OP)-Other pollinators

(RR)-Rabbit Resistant

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Windflower can be found in woodlands, forest edges, prairies, meadows, and fields. The plant will grow 1-4 feet tall and 1-2 feet wide.

Tall anemone prefers moist, humusy sandy soil and tolerates full shade but prefers some sun. This anemone is not as aggressive as other anemones. The whitish flowers appear in late spring to early summer with a thimble-like center. This center elongates forming tall thimble-like fruits that eventually become cottony with white hairs. that persists into winter.

Use this plant in wildflower gardens, woodland edges or partial shade gardens.  The sap may cause skin irritation so wear gloves to prune.

This plant is resistant to damage by deer and rabbits.


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