Hydrangea quercifoliaOakleaf Hydrangea (B&B.DRG.P)


Ecosystem Services:
(B)-Birds                                             (B&B)-Birds & Butterflies

(BTF)-Butterflies                             (BW)-Black Walnut Resistant

(DR)-Deer Resistant                      (DRG)-Drought Resistant

(EVR)-Evergreen                            (G)-Groundcover

(H)-Host plant                                 (HMR)-Hummingbirds

(M)-Mammals                                  (MTH)-Moths

(NB)-Native Bees                            (OP)-Other pollinators

(RR)-Rabbit Resistant

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Oakleaf hydrangea is an upright, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub in the Hydrangeaceae (hydrangea) family. While this family of flowering shrubs is widely distributed in Asia and North America, this particular plant is native to the Southeastern United States, where it prefers moist woods and stream banks. It may grow to 8 feet in height and 6 to 8 feet in width.

Oakleaf hydrangea grows best in organically rich, well-drained soils with medium moisture. It does well in full sun to part shade, and mulch in the summer helps to keep the soil moist. The plant does need some sun to bloom, usually from mid spring to early summer. Because blooming occurs on old wood, prune if needed immediately after flowering. Winter damaged stems may be pruned in early spring.

Drought Resistant!!


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