Asclepias exaltata – Poke Milkweed (B&B.D.DR.H.MTH.NB.P.RR)


These categories are represented by the following abbreviations for easy referral:
(B)-Utilized by birds for food, cover, or nest materials
(BTF)-Utilized by butterflies for nectar
(BW)-Black Walnut Resistant
(D)-Drought Resistant
(DR)-Deer Resistant
(G)- Groundcover
(H)-Host plant
(HM)-Utilized by Hummingbirds
(M)-Utilized by Mammals
(MTH)-Utilized by Moths
(NB)-Utilized by our Native Bee species
(P)-Utilized by many other pollinators
(RR)-Rabbit Resistant

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Poke Milkweed-host plant for monarchs and other Lepidoptera. Asclepias exaltata is a tall milkweed frequently found on the edges of forests. It grows in full sun and partial shade and requires moderate moisture and rich organic content. This is a great milkweed for those woodland edges. Deer Resistant!


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